75 years BdK, engl.

*Attention: Artistic Crafts!
75 Years BdK

From March 12 to September 26, 2022

Artistic craftswomen and craftsmen create artistic objects. The challenge lies in the combination of creativity, profound knowledge of materials and mastering artisanal techniques. Artistic craftspeople create one-of-a-kind and small-series items that contribute to the culture of daily life, both regionally and globally. They embody the opposite pole to anonymous mass production and are acknowledged as design d’auteur. In 2003, UNESCO classified artistic crafts as part of a nation’s “Intangible Cultural Heritage”. This does not mean conservation, but ongoing development, improvisation and change.

Our activities for the anniversary draw attention to the world of contemporary artistic crafts in our country. We show the uniqueness of these objects and establish a dialogue with the audience. It is also about future development and professional prospects in the artistic crafts.

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Justus Theinert, Professor for Design, Hochschule Darmstadt:

It is time to pay more attention to artistic crafts. They are one of the oldest pillars of culture — and of the creative economy, making them an important economic factor.

Artistic crafts highlight the special attraction of craft trades through the innovative power of creative work and its challenging implementation. This is particularly important as a rise in the academisation of vocational training has shown that crafts are losing their reputation to such an extent that there is now a notable shortage of skilled workers.

Artistic crafts develop intuitive creativity and innovative problem solving, thus significantly contributing to successful digitalisation. This will work best if rational-cognitive as well as analogue-aesthetic skills are specifically targeted.

Artistic crafts are an artistically interpreted image of everyday culture and to a high degree create identity. Regional identity, on the other hand, is a prerequisite for a distinguished position in the dialogue between cultures, which must become more important as globalisation advances.


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